The organic food market for infants and children in 2018

Superfood Company, one of the largest importers and distributors of products for young children, expects a 5% increase in the organic food segment for infants and children aged 0-3. The total value of this market niche is currently around €7.5 million, according to estimates by company representatives.

Superfood Company is one of the major players in the organic infant and baby food sector, with a portfolio that includes the Organix brand, which currently has a 20% market share. The market for baby and toddler foods was worth around €50 million last year, according to Superfood Company estimates.

The growth of the organic food segment for infants and young children comes amid an increasing interest of Romanians for a healthy diet and of parents, in particular, to provide children with a balanced diet, without unnecessary and harmful additions.

“The greater openness that Romanians are showing lately for healthy products can only make us happy. It is a global trend that has started to be felt locally. It is essential to provide children with a diet that is perfectly adapted to their needs, starting from the period of diversification. One of the basic principles behind the creation of the Organix range was that everyone deserves to eat healthy and tasty products from childhood. All the foods in this range are designed according to the No Junk Promise standard, i.e. clean food that is beneficial for children’s optimal development” – Daniel Dărăban, Managing Director of Superfood Company.

Organix – natural food for young children

The Organix product range was launched in 1992, has been in the Superfood Company portfolio since 2012, and in 2017 saw a 20% growth. Estimates for the current year are for a continuation of the upward trend, with an increase of around 10%, taking into account current market dynamics. Organix is an ideal range of foods to start and continue diversifying your baby’s diet from six months. Organix product categories include:

  • Organic cereals, with or without fruit, which have different textures to suit different tastes;
  • organic smoothies packaged so that each glass provides one of the five portions of fruit recommended by doctors for daily consumption;
  • Easy-to-handle organic rice and expanded corn rounds, perfect for babies to discover for themselves the tastes and textures they will find in adult food;
  • Organic biscuits with no added sugar, fine texture and extremely pleasant taste, easy to handle and bite;
  • Organic wholegrain oat and fruit bars, with no added sugar, which ensure a gradual release of energy;
  • various healthy snacks (corn chips, popcorn made from expanded corn and without hard kernels, etc. – all these products contain no added salt).

Organix products are available in most IKA stores and the labels specify which stage of dietary diversification each category belongs to.

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Published on: Articles - 16 / 05 / 2018

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