The market of ecological food for babies and toddlers, in 2018

Superfood Company, one of the biggest importer and distributor of infant care products, estimates a 5% increase in the ecological food products segment for babies and infants aged 0-3 years. The total value of this market niche is currently marked at around 7,5 million Euro, according to the company’s representatives’ evaluations.

Superfood Company is part of the essential players in the sector of ecological food products for babies and infants, due to its portfolio, which also includes the Organix brand, which currently owns a 20% market share. The infant food market reached the level of 50 million Euros in 2017, according to estimates from Superfood Company.

The growth of the ecological food sector for babies and toddlers comes as a consequence of a rising interest from parents in Romania towards a healthy diet and especially towards a balanced nutritional scheme for their children, which avoids useless and harmful ingredients.

“The increasing level of receptivity recently shown by our Romanian clients towards healthy products is definitely a good thing. It is a global trend which has started to echo locally, as well. It is essential to offer children food which is perfectly adapted to their nutritional needs, starting with the period of diversification. One of the core principles in the development of the Organix range was that any man deserves, ever since childhood, to eat healthy and tasty foods. All products in the range are prepared in compliance with the “No Junk” promise, which is to say, this is healthy food, beneficial to the children’s optimal growth.”, Daniel Dărăban, Superfood Company CEO, has elaborated.

Organix — natural food products for infants

The Organix brand, launched in 1992, was included in the Superfood Company portfolio in 2012, while in 2017 it has registered a 20% growth. The estimates for the current year announce the maintenance of the growth trend, with an approximately 10% growth rate, according to the market’s current dynamics.  Organix is a baby food range ideal for the diversification period for babies, starting with the age of 6 months. Among the Organix product categories, there are:

  • Ecological cereals, with or without fruit, with different textures, adapted to a variety of tastes;
  • Ecological purees packed in portions which cover a fifth of the daily recommended fruit input;
  • Ecological rice and corn cakes, easy to hold, perfect for babies to discover taste and texture which they will later find in grown-up foods on their own;
  • Ecological biscuits with no added sugar, with a fine texture and an extremely good taste, easy to handle and bite;
  • Ecological oat bars with fruit, with no added sugar, which offer a gradual energy release;
  • Various healthy snacks (soft corn puffs, etc. — with no added salt)

The Organix products are available in most stores from the IKA chain, while the label of each product specifies the food diversification stage which applies to the product.

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Published on: Articles - 16 / 05 / 2018

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