Our objective: excellence in import, promotion and distribution services

About the company

Superfood Company started as an idea and opportunity in 1992, when Johan Georg Hibler, a German businessman, decided to import quality products for babies and toddlers to the Romanian market.

Among the first partner brands was Milupa Germany, for which Superfood Company acted as an exclusive Romanian importer at the time. Starting there and working in a rapidly growing market, we have been constantly developing our services and product portfolio.

In 1999, besides import services, we have started to develop our own distribution network, which has grown to cover the whole country in 2005. We currently distribute products to big pharmacy chains, to independent pharmacies, to hospitals, baby shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Today, Superfood Company means import, promotion and distribution for renown brands in segments such as: pharmaceutical, baby food, food supplements, self-care and infant care.

With 5 subsidiaries in the whole country and the head office in Bucharest, we successfully meet all the needs of our clients and partners, delivering quality and trust to the final customers — the parents of small children in Romania. It is for the latter that we have also created our own online shop — Primele Cumpărături, which showcases our entire product portfolio.

  • 25 years of experience
  • 30 international brands
  • 7 warehouses in Romania

Superfood Company subsidiaries

Our 5 warehouses located in Brașov, Cluj-Napoca, Craiova, Iași and Timișoara, together with the Superfood Company headquarters, situated in Pantelimon (on the Bucharest ring road, being authorised for medicine distribution) assure the full coverage of the Romanian territory of the country.  The ISO 9001:2015 certification, as well as the implementation of Ascent ERP system with WMS integration guarantee a strict quality and efficiency control for all services: from product storage to delivery to selling points.


Tel: 0268 – 283.075
Fax: 0268 – 283.075


Roman Industrial Park,  No 5 Poienelor Street, Hall 6 C, Brasov


Tel: 021 – 352.01.68
Fax: 021 – 352.01.61


No. 3 Izlazului Street, Pantelimon, Ilfov county


Tel: 0264 – 430.010
Fax: 0264 – 430.010


No 10 Orastie Street, Warehouse 15, Transylvania Logistics Park, Cluj-Napoca


Tel: 0251 – 459.118
Fax: 0251 – 459.118


Bucovăţ commune, no. 523, jud Dolj (in the precincts of complex KIRA-FEL VIO)


Tel: 0232 – 253.222
Fax: 0232 – 248.114


Nicolina Highway no. 223 C, Iaşi (in the precincts of According Group)


Tel: 0256 – 225.459
Fax: 0256 – 225.459


No. 29 Lugojului Street, Giroda commune, Timis county (in the precinct of Black Sea hall)

Our values

Diligence, quality and business relations based on trust — these are the “ingredients” which have brought us among the top distribution companies in Romania. In selecting our partners, we have always applied very strict quality criteria, choosing to work with reputed brands and to only offer trusted products on the target market. We take our role and mission on the market seriously, therefore we constantly perfect and improve each aspect of our activity, as a company.


As an import and distribution partner, Superfood Company guarantees quality, dedication and efficiency. Our priority is to consolidate current partnerships, but we are also open to the opportunity of extending our portfolio.


We are fully involved and responsible in the relationships with our clients and partners. We nurture excellence and attention to detail within our organisation, through which we plan to go beyond our clients’ expectations.

The Superfood Company team

The Superfood Company image is defined by the very people who represent it — from top management to salespersons. We believe in attracting and retaining trained professionals in all our activity branches and in cultivating a friendly, responsible and fair work environment, where every employee can truly thrive. This is why we take pride in our longevous team, many of our professionals being part of Superfood Company for more than a decade.

Hans Hibler — President
Daniel Daraban — General Manager
Delia Popa — Marketing Manager
Romulus Daraban — Sales Manager


The professional opportunities and stimulating work environment are just the first two reasons you would want to work with us. How to apply at one of our job openings? By sending us your resume at the email address: office@superfood.ro, mentioning “Recruitment” in the email subject line.

Available jobs
Brand manager
Bucharest view details

We are looking for a capable and dedicated person, with organisational skills, motivated to reach performance. Computer operating skills (Office Excel and Word, Thunderbird) are necessary.

Fluency in English may be perceived as an advantage.

Job description

The Product Manager elaborates, develops, implements and tracks down the achievement of the promotion and selling of our products at a national level, through our salespersons.

We are offering:
  • a personalised motivation package
  • the opportunity to build a solid career in this field
  • a stimulating work environment.

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