Terms and conditions

1. The content of this website

The Superfood.ro site provides visitors with information about the company’s activity and about imported and distributed products: a variety of products for babies, children and adults.

The articles published on this site are recent translations from well-known medical sources, studies, articles written by prestigious Romanian doctors who collaborate on this site. All of these articles are tailored to provide professional information but at the same time accessible to all parents who use this information.

2. Responsibility

All information published on this site is of informative nature and can not replace, where appropriate, the recommendations of physicians who come into contact with the reality of your cases.

Superfood.ro recommends you to contact your physician or specialist as often as necessary for any particular problem.

Superfood.ro has links to other Internet sites. These links to other sites are made available to you for convenience only and are not guarantees of any products or services within these sites. No information on these sites is guaranteed by Superfood.ro. Also, the privacy policy may be different on these sites than Superfood.ro.

3. The right to ownership

The entire content of this site, unless stated otherwise, is the property of SUPERFOOD COMPANY S.R.L.

Copyright laws, trademarks and other proprietary rights protect the content of the site.

The content of the Superfood.ro site may not be reproduced, modified, transferred, published, displayed, transmitted or recorded in any form and by any means, including photocopying or electronic or mechanical recording, but not limited to, and may not be used to create derivative works without the prior written consent of SUPERFOOD COMPANY SRL

Violation of these conditions, in accordance with Roman law, is an offense and immediate action will be taken to re-establish the law by using the legal means of protection and indemnity for violating the rights.

Comments, messages, replies, or any other content from members are the property of the authors.

Superfood.ro does not claim the ownership of this content but by displaying on this site this content, you agree that the owners of the site have a perpetual and free use right, such as distribution, reproduction, multiplication, modification, adaptation, individual public presentation or other information, photographs, graphics, sounds, moving images, including on this site or other sites, in catalogs, magazines, or any other use, including commercial.

4. Data collection

By accessing the site and using the services provided, only in case of sending a message through the contact form, you agree to provide real, accurate and complete data about you as requested in the contact form.

The data obtained through the contact forms may be used by Superfood.ro or the owner of this site to send you by email any commercial offers or information of Superfood.ro.

5. Data confidentiality

Superfood.ro was registered as an operator at the general registry of the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing under no. (….)

Superfood.ro respects and protects the privacy of your personal data. Any personal information is processed and used in accordance with the privacy policy of personal data and will not be used in any way that is contrary to this policy. This information can not be the subject of a transaction between Superfood.ro and third parties.

In any case, your data will not be disclosed except as provided by law

Superfood.ro has the right to use this information only in its own interest or in the interest of the site owner without providing personal identification information.

6. Personal data protection

According to the requirements of Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, amended and supplemented and the Law. 506/2004 concerning the processing of personal data and privacy in the electronic communications sector, Superfood.ro is required to manage safely and only for specified purposes, the personal data you provide about yourself, a family member either yourself or another person.

Personal data is provided by members when creating an account on the Site. Personal data provided by members can be processed by Superfood.ro in order to offer its services in optimal conditions. According to Law no. 677/2001, users have the right access to the data, the right not to be subject to individual decisions and the right to go to court. At the same time, members have the right to oppose the processing of their personal data and to request the deletion of such data. In order to exercise these rights, members may use the services offered by the site (self-service) or may apply by e-mail to office@superfood.ro

Apart from data sent by members servers site automatically collects certain identification data of non-personal information, such as IP address of the computer from which is accessed website address where you come to the site, etc. . All of this data may be used by Superfood.ro to improve the services provided.

7. Basic security requirements for personal data processing

The operator of Superfood Company SRL based in Str. 3, Pantelimon, Ilfov County, having CIF RO6045338, registered with the Commerce Register with J23 / 1369/2002, complies with the minimum security requirements for the processing of personal data that are found in the Order of the People’s Advocate No. 52 of 2002 , published in the Official Gazette no.383 of 5 June 2002, as follows:

The user identification and authentication

The user is any person acting under the authority of the operator, the person empowered or the representative, with a recognized right of access to the personal data bases. Users, in order to gain access to a personal database, must identify themselves.

Users, in this case, are employees of Superfood Company, the operator and acts under its authority.

To gain access to the personal database, users need to identify themselves.

User access to databases containing personal data is made by personal access codes, such as username, protected by passwords as the authentication method. Access codes are assigned individually to each user based on a specific procedure. Unused user accounts for more than 12 months are permanently disabled after an operator control. Access codes can be retrieved on request by using the e-mail address, the user receiving a link to reset the access code.

The operator designates authorized users for the collection and input of personal data in an information system. Any changes to personal data may be made only by authorized users designated by the operator. The operator will take measures to ensure that the information system records who made the change, the date and time of the change. For better management, the operator will take measures to keep the information system clear or altered.

Access codes allow only the minimum level of access to personal data that is required to fulfill the service attributions.

Eventual developers who would develop personal data processing applications will not be given access to personal data unless they have been previously converted to anonymous data.

Anonymous data will be used to prepare users or make presentations. Employees who teach training courses will not use personal data during their own training.

Type of access

Users access only the personal data needed to fulfill their service duties. For this, the operator establishes the types of access by functionality (such as: administration, input, processing, rescue, etc.) and after actions on personal data (such as writing, reading, deleting) types of access. Developers of personal data processing systems will not have access to personal data. The operator will allow programmers access to personal data once they have been converted into anonymous data. The technical support compartment may have access to personal data to resolve exceptional cases. Anonymous data will be used to prepare users or make presentations. Employees who teach training courses will use personal data during their own training. The operator will determine the strict ways in which personal data will be destroyed. Authorization for this personal data processing must be limited to a few users.

Data collection

The operator designates authorized users for the collection and input of personal data in an information system. Any changes to personal data may be made only by authorized users designated by the operator. The operator will take measures to ensure that the information system records who made the change, the date and time of the change. For better management, the operator will take measures to keep the information system clear or altered.

The execution of back-up copies

Weekly, the operator will back up your personal data bases. Copies will be stored in a directory on the operator’s own server. Files can be accessed based on a login name and a password. Access to the storage directory of back-up files is limited and supervised.

Computers and terminals

Computers will be installed in restricted rooms.

Any access to your personal database, including any unauthorized access attempt, will be logged in an access file.

Access computers used in the relationship with the public, on which personal data is displayed, will be positioned so that they can not be disclosed to the public.

The telecommunication system is secured so that any personal data can not be intercepted or transmitted from anywhere.

Access files

The operator takes steps to ensure that any access to the personal database is recorded in an access file (called log on automated processing) or in a manual for manual processing of personal data set by the operator. The information recorded in the access or registry file will be:

– identification code (user name for manual personal data bases);

– the name of the file you are accessing (the file);

– the number of records made;

– type of access;

– the code of the operation or program used;

– date of access (year, month, day);

– Time (hour, minute, second).

For automated processing, this information will be stored in a general access file or in separate files for each user. Any unauthorized access attempt will also be recorded. The operator is required to keep access files for at least 2 years to be used as evidence in case of investigations. If the investigations are prolonged, these files will be kept as long as it is deemed necessary. The access files must make it possible for the operator or the person empowered to identify persons who have accessed personal data for no particular reason, for the purpose of applying sanctions or notifying the competent authorities.

Telecommunication systems

The operator is required to periodically check authentication and access types to detect malfunctions in the use of telecommunication systems. Operators are required to design the telecommunication system so that personal data can not be intercepted or transmitted from anywhere. If the telecommunication system can not be secured, the operator is required to require the use of the encryption method for the transmission of personal data. Only personal data strictly necessary will be transmitted through the telecommunication systems.

Personnel training

During the training of users the operator is obliged to inform them about the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, the minimum security requirements for the processing of personal data, as well as the risks involved in the processing of personal data, depending on the specific activity of the user. Users who have access to personal data will be trained by the operator on their privacy and will be alerted by messages that will appear on the monitors during the activity. Users are forced to close their work session when they leave the workplace.

Computer usage

In order to maintain the security of the processing of personal data (especially against computer viruses), the operator will take measures that will consist of:

a) prohibiting the use of software by software users from external or dubious sources;
b) Informing users about the threat to computer viruses;
c) implementation of automatic devirusion and security systems for computer systems;
d) deactivating the “Print screen” button when possible, when personal data is displayed on the monitor, thus forbidding them to be printed on the printer.

Data printing

Removing personal data from the printer will only be performed by users authorized to do so by the operator. Operators are required to approve specific internal procedures for the use and destruction of these materials. The operator will approve its own security system, taking into account the minimum security requirements of the personal data processing, and depending on the importance of the processed personal data, will require additional security measures.

2. According to the provisions of art. 12 paragraph (1) of Law 506/2004 on the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector:

1) the operator does not and will not carry out commercial communications by using automated calling systems that do not require the intervention of a human operator, unless the intended subscriber expressly consented to receive such communications.

2) E-mail addresses obtained on sales will also be used to send commercial offers related to similar products and services, offering customers a clear and express opportunity to oppose by a simple and free means such uses, both at the receipt of the e-mail address, and on the occasion of each message, if the customer did not initially oppose.

3) In all commercial communications via e-mail, the identity of the person in the name of whom it is made will be disclosed, and an address to which the addressee will send his / her request regarding the cessation of communications.

8. User's agreement regarding personal data

The Superfood.ro site is for adults. Personal information refers to the full name, CNP (required to issue the tax invoice), address, email address, telephone number.

Members will be able to view, modify, delete personal information, renounce the publishing agreement, or refuse to collect further information.

9. Publicity and links to other websites

Superfood.ro is not responsible for the privacy policy of other sites that promote themselves directly or indirectly through the site. Please read carefully the privacy policy of each site that has links to Superfood.com to find out how your personal data is processed and processed. Our Privacy Policy strictly targets Superfood.ro.

Superfood.ro and its owner are not responsible in any way for the relationship or consequences of these relationships, not limited to purchases, contests, promotions, promotions, or any other kind of relationship that may occur between you and any of who advertise directly or indirectly through Superfood.ro.

10. IP address

The IP address is the number that your computer receives from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to identify your location.

Superfood.ro uses this IP address to diagnose server issues or administer Superfood.ro.

11. Cookies

Cookie is the file kept on the visitor’s computer of a website containing information about that visitor. We use these files to save your ID and password so that you do not enter them every time you visit the site, to provide users with information that suits your interest, to mark the pages you have viewed to make sure you will not see the same repeatedly.

Advertisers using our site may use cookies to generate product and location statistics, but they do not contain or contain personal information.

12. Statistical files

These statistical files are maintained on this site to analyze, track members’ activity, or gather location data. The above mentioned files do not contain any personal information of the visitors.

13. Surveys and contests

Our site can organize surveys and contests for members and visitors. Participation in these polls and competitions is not mandatory and does not require the input of personal data in the event of non-participation.

In case of participation, we collect contact information: email address, name and surname, demographic information and sometimes the address to verify the truth of the information provided.

This information is used to notify winners.

Changes in the website administration policy

Superfood.ro may be modified or discontinued at any time without prior notice and without any claim of any kind on your part.

Superfood.ro, its operators, administrators and owners are not responsible and can not be held responsible, in any way, directly or indirectly, for any direct or indirect damage / problem, of any nature, as a result of the use of the service.

The terms and conditions mentioned above for good site performance in good conditions are mandatory.

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