The market for childcare products for young children is up by around 5% in 2018

The market for baby care products for children aged up to 3 years saw growth of around 5% in 2018 compared to 2017, according to Superfood Company analysis .

Following the local trend, the company’s turnover also increased by 8% compared to last year, reaching 105 million lei (22.5 million euro), amid growing consumption and the increasing concern of Romanians for purchases for children.

Growth rate above the level of the market in which we operate

“As forecast, the market for childcare products for children up to three years of age remained stable in 2018 and even grew slightly. The main factors behind this increase are consumption, which continued to be high, and the increasing attention Romanians pay to children’s products. Superfood Company has been growing at an above-market pace, and has managed to increase market share for several ranges, including Baby Nova, a range of small baby food products, Organix, organic food products or Colief, the colic food supplement”, explained Daniel Dărăban, General Manager of Superfood Company.

Consumers are looking for quality

According to Superfood Company representatives, one of the strongest trends, manifested at the market level in 2018, was the migration of consumers towards higher quality products. This trend has been underpinned by both market stabilisation and growing consumer concern for organic food and quality of life, globally and locally.

Superfood Company followed the market trends and strengthened and expanded the product portfolio for all ranges in the premium quality segment. In terms of sales, at company level, the ranking is led by
Baby Nova
– baby care products , followed by
– organic food products , Colief Infant Drops colic supplement , Huggies diapers and health products from the

7% increases for childcare

In terms of the market for products for children up to the age of three, at national level, the small childcare sector has seen the most significant growth in terms of sales. This was an increase of around 7% compared to 2017. In 2018 it reached an estimated value of around €16 million (344.2 million lei).

The company’s consolidation and development strategy in 2018 included bringing new brands to the portfolio. It is Babyworks,

The three new ranges include a variety of products:

  • child safety items at home
  • soft plush toys
  • sleep accessories
  • disposable products that make life easier for mothers
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Published on: Articles - 1 / 03 / 2024

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