Nivea is a brand of the German manufacturer Beiersdorf, which has been active in the global skincare market for over 130 years. Beiersdorf invests in research and innovation, offering every consumer the kind of product they need. The other brands under the Beiersdorf umbrella are Eucerid, the dermocosmetic range, and La Prairie, the luxury cosmetics range.

Nivea has become an iconic brand in the cosmetics industry and is now sold in 200 countries. First launched in 1911, Nivea cream has retained its key ingredients, silky texture and recognisable fragrance to this day. The NIvea story began once pharmacist and visionary entrepreneur Dr. Oscar Troplowitz understood the potential of the ingredient Eucerite, an emulsifying agent discovered by chemist Dr. Isaac Lifschütz. Nivea creams have become so popular that they are part of the memories of millions of people, in whose families there has always been a Nivea cream, in its blue metal box, ready for every family member’s moisturising and skin protection needs.

Superfood Company distributes various Nivea products in supermarket and hypermarket chains, pharmacies and specialised stores.

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