Alecto is a Dutch producer of electronic goods which are very useful for parents (and more): digital surveillance systems, thermometers, digital scales, baby food processors and other smart devices.

The Alecto brand is part of Hesdo BV, founded in 1973 as a producer of general consumer electronic products and telecommunication products. Hesdo BV currently imports, develops and sells digital products within the Alexto, Profon and Fysic brands. Hesdo BV is also the sole Dutch distributor of Motorola, NUK and Swissvoice brands, offering a range of more than 600 top digital products.

With a history of over 4 decades on the digital products market, Alecto delivers quality, safety and utility through the innovative technology and quality control system applied wo each developed product.

The Alecto range is availabe in baby stores and online, including our shop: Primele Cumpărături.

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