Osmoforce  is a calming and refreshing gel, with osmotic action, a multifunctional solution for calming itchiness, infections and for reducing the risk of scarring. 

  • Regenerates irritated skin
  • Reduces itchiness and scratchiness
  • Prevents scarring

OSMOFORCE  is a cooling gel which helps calm irritated skin. It refreshes the skin, calms itchiness and reduces the need of scratching irritated areas. It hydrates the superior skin layer and helps regenerate it. Thus, it helps to interrupt the cycle of itchiness – scratching – infection – scarring.


OSMOFORCE  is fit for children starting with the age of 6 months and also for adults. It contains OSMO 4, a dermatologically active cosmetic substance, with a proven effect of cooling, regeneration, protection and antibacterial properties for the skin.

Osmoforce is available in pharmacies, baby shops and online, including our shop, Primele Cumpărături.

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