Infant nutrition is a particularly important subject nowadays, parents being very preoccupied with offering their children an adequate, healthy food ever since their first months of life. Organix products are meant to ensure a healthy nutrition to babies and toddlers, as they are made entirely of natural ingredients. Even more, Organix has vowed to educate and inspire, by offering product assortments rich in ingredients which should form the basis of food habits for growing children.

Due to the transparency shown in its presentation of products in relation with the nutritional needs of infants, Organix has garnered a real community around its products. The Organix products make a special “No junk” promise, which means no artificial ingredients or useless added ingredients. Organix wants to offer each family the possibility to choose a truly healthy and tasty food, without any compromise on quality.

As an Organix distributor in Romania, our company owns the Austria Bio Garantie quality certificate, applied to ecological products. Organix products are available in a diverse assortment in pharmacies, supermarkets and hypermarkets, and also online, in our own shop.

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