Glaxo Smith Klein is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, with an evolution based on continuous research and evolution. Today, GSK has over 98.000 employees in over 100 countries. The company owns 84 production units in 36 countries, manufacturing medicine, vaccines and large consumption medical products. GSK is present on the Romanian market since 1989.

Among the brands owned by GSK, Superfood Company distributes Parodontax, Sensodyne and Corega.


Parodontax toothpaste is mainly conceived for gum protection, preventing gum diseases. Gum health is often neglected, though in time, symptoms such as gum bleeding may turn into periodontitis, which deteriorates the state of the entire dentition and culminates with teeth loss. Most people choose dental products aimed at teeth cleansing and whitening, but gum protection is equally important.

Parodontax has created a special formula, which cleans the bacterial plaque (the main factor triggering gum disease) 4 times more thoroughly than a usual toothpaste. The special formula also helps protect tooth enamel. The Parodontax Complete Protection toothpaste contains super fine particles of sodium bicarbonate, which contribute to a profound removal of the bacterial plaque and can reduce gum bleeding with up to 50%.

By using the Parodontax toothpaste and toothbrush two times a day, you may avoid common gum conditions and periodontitis.


The Sensodyne dental care range is the number 1 recommendation of dentists for the treatment of dental sensitivity. Through ongoing research and innovation, Sensodyne specialists have created toothpaste formulas which successfully alleviate dental pain.

The three innovative Sensodyne products are:

  • Sensodyne Fluoride, launched in 1980: the first toothpaste that contains potassium nitrate, with a calming effect for the dental nerv pain;
  • Sensodyne Pronamel, launched in 2006: protects the dental enamel from the action of acidic foods;
  • Sensodyne Repair & Protect, launched in 2010: containing 5% NovaMin and fluoride, it helps repair sensitive teeth areas.

Corega offers dentures care products, contributing to the health and comfort of all dentures-wearing persons. Corega products are divided into 2 categories: effervescent tablets for dentures cleaning and adhesive cremes.

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