Aquaint is a sanitary (disinfectant) electrolysed water which can be used for the skin, mouth and more, being a safe and efficient alternative to cleaning products which contain alcohol or rough chemicals.

Aquaint este o apă sanitară (dezinfectantă) electrolizată pentru mâini, piele, gură şi nu numai, reprezintând o alternativă eficientă şi sigură la produsele de curăţare care conţin alcool sau chimicale dure.

  • No alcohol or rough chemicals, no preservatives or perfume.
  • It only contains water and a natural acid (hypochlorous acid), which is also naturally produced by the human immune system. After spraying the solution, water is the only residue on the skin.
  • It does not need to be wiped off or rinsed.
  • It can safely be used on any part of the body and at any age (even for newborns), as a breath freshener, deodorant etc.
  • It can be used repeatedly, with no harm for the skin (even for delicate skin).
  • Perfect to use for foods, baby bottles, pacifiers, toys, etc.
  • Ideal for travelling, usage before or after eating, after the use of the toilet, etc.

Aquaint is available in pharmacies, hypermarkets, gas stations and online, on Primele Cumpărături.


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