Hero Spain baby food products are developed in line with the latest findings in infant nutrition and the ESPGHAN international recommendations, which define the nutritional needs of a baby during the first years of life. As part of the international strategy to prevent childhood obesity and related diseases, experts from the Hero Institute of Infant Nutrition are actively involved in research projects in collaboration with universities, hospitals and research centres in 8 European countries.

Hero products are based on the desire to provide healthy and nutritionally rich food for infants and young children, using carefully selected ingredients only from certified sources. Hero products contain no artificial additives or preservatives and are processed as little as possible to maintain the qualities of the ingredients, taste and texture of the fruit and vegetables used.

The Hero Baby Solo range of products are certified as organic.

As a distributor of organic products, our company is certified by Bio Garantie, an inspection and certification body, member of the Easy-Cert Group.

Hero products are available in supermarkets, hypermarkets, baby shops and online, including in our shop, First Buys.

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