Colief® Infant Drops is an 100% natural products which can help mothers continue breastfeeding or, in other cases, can help avoid the shift to an expensive, hypoallergenic baby milk formula.

Colief® Infant Drops can be used even for newborns, for each baby feeding (but for no more than 7 feeds per day) up until the age of 3-4 months. Around this age, the baby’s body should be able to produce enough lactase and the quantity of Colief® Infant Drops can be gradually decreased.

Colief® Infant Drops has been developed following the case of a mother, Mary Buckley, whose infant daughter, Rebecca, would cry all the time. In a desperate attempt to find a solution, Mary addressed her doctor for help, visiting him for 2 to 3 times a week with her baby. At last, the doctor concluded that the child’s cry could be caused by insufficient lactase enzyme in the baby’s body. He had seen products based on lactase in the US, dedicated to lactose-intolerant adults, and told his patient about them.

Mary saw fit that lactase should be especially adapted to babies (such as her daughter) suffering for a temporary form of lactase deficiency. This is how Colief® was created, launched by Crosscare Limited in Ireland in 1995.

Endorsed by parents and specialists for over 20 years, Colief® Infant Drops helps break down lactose in the usual milk for babies, before feeding, making it easier to digest.

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