Aleva Naturals represents Canadian vegan care products for babies, children and mothers — products containing 100% natural ingredients, extracted from plants, with no additives of risky chemicals. Launched in 2008, the Aleva Naturals range is nowadays distributed to 12 countries around the world, the high quality products being appreciated by parents who are mindful of their children’s health and well-being and also their own.

The Aleva Naturals brand was founded by a pharmacist with a vast experience in the cosmetic industry. The thing that made his attention shift towards all natural products, adequate for newborns and babies, was the case of his own child, for whom he prepared the first care products based exclusively on plants. The ever-growing request for 100% natural, safe and effective products for babies has determined the expansion of the Aleva Naturals brand and product range.

The vision of Aleva Naturals is focused on the health of the little ones and more — the Aleva Naturals products are prepared with the same care towards the environment, without animal testing or other practices which may harm the environment.

Aleva Naturals products are certified by, as they are made entirely of vegan ingredients. Aleva Naturals is a member of Organic Trade Association and of Natural Products Association.

The Aleva Naturals products (diapers and napkins made of bleach-free, biodegradable bamboo fibers and  products for cleaning around the baby) can be bought in dedicated pharmacies, baby shops and online, including our online shop, Primele Cumpărături.

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