Gadgets – a growing trend in the children’s segment

Superfood Company, one of the largest importers and distributors of products for young children, expects the share of sales of baby care and health gadgets to increase by around 7% by the end of the year compared to 2017. The conclusions were drawn following the company’s participation in the 50th edition of “Baby Expo”, the first and longest-running exhibition dedicated to babies, children up to five years old, as well as future and new parents.

“These events are a perfect time to meet with our customers and take the pulse of the market. Gadgets are an extremely strong trend in the under-three childcare segment. We have seen an accelerated growth in parents’ interest in baby monitoring or protection devices. The upward trend is visible from last year and will be reflected in the increase in sales volume seen in 2018. Also, the number of mothers-to-be coming to Baby Expo increased by about 30% compared to last year. While in autumn 2017 around 870 expectant mothers visited the fair, now around 1100 mothers-to-be came,” said Delia Popa, Marketing Director of Superfood Company.

The new generation of specialised gadgets

Among the gadgets in Superfood Company’s portfolio are products from the Alecto range, which also includes digital baby scales with a Bluetooth connection to a free mobile phone app, so you can easily monitor your baby’s progress in terms of weight, height and head circumference. This data can then be compared with the growth charts provided by the WHO (World Health Organisation), also used by paediatricians. The Alecto range also includes thermometers that quickly and accurately measure the temperature of bath water and the environment, as well as earphones that protect against loud noises, ideal for concerts or activities in places with a high degree of noise pollution.

Because parents need to take care of their health too, Superfood Company brings a new product to the market: the Medel brand EKG blood pressure monitor. It is designed for home use and is easily connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. The app records all the measurements taken and offers the possibility to see an average of the values obtained over longer periods of time.

Trolleys and safety systems

Also in the gadget category are Cam‘s new compact strollers, which fold up to take up very little space and can be carried like a wheeled travel bag.

Increasingly popular are also safety systems, used to protect children in the home or car. The Dreambaby range, distributed by Superfood Company, includes many products that make parents’ lives more peaceful: anti-slip mats with temperature sensor for the bathroom, socket protectors, adjustable mirrors for the headrest of the car seat, safety straps for furniture, etc.

“The most important trends in the childcare segment are, apart from gadgets for both children and parents, the lightest and easiest to fold strollers, as well as home and car protection systems. I’m glad to see that parents are becoming more informed and more concerned about both the quality of their children’s food and all the products designed to care for them.” – Delia Popa

“We have participated in all the Baby Expo editions, as well as in the discussions that led to its organization, so we feel very connected to this event and we are proud that it has become a flagship event for the industry. From my long experience of attending this fair, I have noticed that all the trends that are emerging here are coming to fruition in the coming period. So I think we will see a significant increase in the sale of gadgets and products that are well targeted to specific needs of children,” concluded Delia Popa.

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Published on: Articles - 16 / 05 / 2018

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